Sunday, 31 May 2015


This Sunday me and the gang popped down to Warhammer World to see the changes to the new store and the exhibition centre.
Upon driving into the carpark you see that the Rhino has moved and is now parked next to the new and very modern looking entrance.
Following the steps around the outside wall of the building we could hear the sounds of battle ensuing in the main hall. Banners hang from the wall and give some great photo opportunities to say I was there. Once reaching the top you are straight into the Games Workshop store and the familiar layout. Having not being in a GW store for a while now it was interesting to see a lighter amount of stock, with the new touch screen pads that playing Candy Crush on would be awesome. gives the store complete access to the full stock. With Warhammer World being just across the road from the warehouse means that anything they don't have will be in your hands in around 2 hours. So plenty of time for a pint and some food.
Now the real reason for the trip for me was the exhibition centre as having been an ex-employee I had always enjoyed painting the models and then seeing the mega displays at Games Day. There is a ticket price of £7.50 to get in, and some may think that this is steep but I try and equate it to something of comparable cost. So I have picked a film which is roughly the same price and around 2 hours. So if I am wandering staring at models for more than 2 hours then good value for money in my eyes.
So with stamp on my hand and encouraged by the staff to take as many pictures as I wanted in I went.
Now I am not going to give a picture by picture step guide as I don't want to spoil the surprise if you decided to visit. You have 4 major displays to work your way through the first being focused on Warhammer then into 40K and then the jaw dropping mega display and then more 40k before leading back to the art exhibition area. All in all it us around 3 hours to go round the displays and I have over 100 photos and so much inspiration to get my new army started.
I have posted some pics below to whet the palette.

But that's not all there are 2 other stores in the new Warhammer World. You have a Forge World dedicated store, which is laid out like a jewellers so make sure you leave your wallet at home as it will tempt almost everyone. The last store is Black Library and with all the range and stunning artwork, and one of the group said all it was missing is couple of wing back chairs so you can sit down with a snifter of Brandy and settle in to a good book.
So a great day out topped with some gaming.
If you have some spare time over the summer holidays or in the evenings get yourself down there. Just leave the credit card at home.
See you on the flip side