Thursday, 31 December 2015

Musings: 2016 Hobby Resolutions

2016 Hobby Resolutions

Having spent more time being active in the hobby this year and reading and taking tips from other Bloggers out there. It seems custom to put up regarding forth coming hobby projects for 2016.

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Gallery: Soda Pop's Twilight Knight

Gallery: Soda Pop's Twilight Knight

Bit of a break from Games Workshop figures, but this has been on the desk for a while. 

Really enjoyed painting this figure, very different to paint and took about 3 strips before I was happy. For the life of me I could not get the sword to stay straight.

My wife picked me up some more of these for Christmas so I will be popping some more of these up in the future

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Thursday, 24 December 2015



Well it is that time of year to down the clippers, clean out the painting cup, tidy down the work area and spend some festive time with the wife and family.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

30K: Chapter Decision- Jay

30K: Chapter Decision

Iron Hands

So when I was growing up I never really had a much to do with Space Marines, my Dad boughtme the 40k starter game but it never really captured my attention un-like Warhammer. I tried to dabble in some Dark Angels but they never really fired me up and encouraged me to carry them on.

But with the recent release of The Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth for some reason I found that I was wanting to try my hand at some Space Marines . I think  Forge World’s range is so stunning and adds so many options and depth that hunting through the web and visiting the store on numerous occasions it was Iron Hands for me

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Monday, 21 December 2015



So we are rapidly approaching the end of 2015..........

There are 3 projects on my painting table that have been patiently waiting for me to finish them

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

30K: Chapter Decision

30K: Chapter Decision


So been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks and I have chosen Imperial Fists. This is a Chapter I never thought I would consider due to the expanse of yellow and a longer painting schedule to get them table ready. But never one to shy away from a challenger.

My reasons for Imperial Fists are:

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Saturday, 5 December 2015

WIP : Plastic Contemptor Dreadnought

WIP : Plastic Contemptor Dreadnought

This week I started assembly on the Calth boxset and I have started with the big guy.

See more images and thoughts on the Contemptor Dreadnought after the break........

Tale of Tau Gamers : Farsight Review - Jay

Tale of Tau Gamers: Farsight Review

Commander Farsight:

So as part of my Army list I wanted as an added extra the classic Commander

Farsight  little did I know it was going to be not only the hardest miniature I have ever

put together but also one of the most annoying.

The Commander Farsight kit is made from the Games Workshop's (GW)  resin

and has fourteen different components. From first look it is an absolutely gorgeous

miniature and has some beautiful detail from the marking to the Tau symbols all the

way down to the cloth trailing from the sword and left leg.

However I have to say that games work shop (GW) standard of resin miniatures does

not match the Forge World (FW) standard though the detail beautiful it is no way as

sharp as Forge World products (FW) nor is it as shaped. There are areas of straight

lines in the armour that are wavy and parts that should be square that slightly

rounded off however all of these faults are nothing compared to the part that coursed

me the most issues.

The picture above shows the right let as it was when I first started the build. as you

can see the lower half of the back leading to the nee is one large piece of resin instead

of the framed it should of had. I also found it difficult to tell the difference between

what was part of the figure and what was just excess resin and due to the amount of

excess I had a big clean up job on my hands.

After an hour of cutting, carving and filing I finally got the leg looking more like the

framed back leg I expected when I picked up the miniature from GW. I must admit I

know I could have just taken it back and picked up another set to build but from the

look of the way the leg was moulded my thinking was that I'd probably have the same

issue with the 2nd one so I stuck with it.

After the 2 hours of more cutting, carving and then cleaning the leg was finally what

it should have been.

In the picture above you can see how the leg should have looked and the finally result

of my two hours work, I never for a minute thought I'd be doing GW's work for them.

I have built a fair few GW miniatures in my time but this was my first resin one and I

can say it's not put me off GW resins but I think I'll stick with FWs resins instead But

ever way ill be better prepared for the next time I buy a resin model that's for sure.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015