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30K: Chapter Decision- Jay

30K: Chapter Decision

Iron Hands

So when I was growing up I never really had a much to do with Space Marines, my Dad boughtme the 40k starter game but it never really captured my attention un-like Warhammer. I tried to dabble in some Dark Angels but they never really fired me up and encouraged me to carry them on.

But with the recent release of The Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth for some reason I found that I was wanting to try my hand at some Space Marines . I think  Forge World’s range is so stunning and adds so many options and depth that hunting through the web and visiting the store on numerous occasions it was Iron Hands for me

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For Gareth’s lead I thought I would list my reasons for Iron Hands

1. Forge World

I don't know what it was about the Iron Hand there paint scheme seem pretty basic and at first I didn't think there was much to them, But on closer inspection I saw the crude robotic parts: Arms and legs that had been replaced the models covered in wires and pipes and that was it I fell in love.

2. Paint Scheme

So as I said above I didn't think much to the paint scheme and thought it would be an easy job unit I started to have a really think. My main objective was to make a detailed unit that had depth but the Iron Hands are black. How do you make black have detail and depth.... this it turns out is a bit of a challenge as hey its  black

I dug out an old Space Marine and started testing on how I wanted the armour to look. I had an idea in my head of a not just black colour  and because of their background being machine like with replacement of parts making them more robotic I decided I wanted a more oily look to them.

So after a few tries I came up with a 3 parts black one part green mix giving it a slight hint of an oily effect. Then I worked on the sliver using 3 different silvers and a dry brush and last a Yellow and Green wash to add another oily effect.

Though it is still a work in progress as I have not yet perfected the oily look and I will  post some pictures at a later date.   

3. Learning more about the Iron Hand

So my next stage is to learn more about the Iron Hands and other than liking the look and the robotic parts I don't know much about them. But thanks to Gareth’s post about his Imperial Fist’s I now have so much more to read.

I found out that the Iron Hands never really specialised in any really battle tactic unit the invasion of the Ork-Held Planet of 02-34 where the Iron Hands showed their effectiveness in slow-moving mass firepower became apparent. This work out well for me as I had already bought the Legion Rapier with Laser Destroyer.
So my next post will have all my works in progress and I hope you enjoy the read.

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