Thursday, 9 July 2015


So there are now only 2 days till release for Age of Sigmar. 

Am I excited?


To be honest I was not 100% sure why. 

I mean I have not been this excited about a release for miniatures for a long time. I think that comes from being the wrong side of 40 and having seen far to much that little comes as a surprise.

But surprised I am. Not just at the sculpts in the box and the prospect of seeing my favorite game system move forward. But that I am honestly excited by the release. 

At the start of the week I was being drawn to the forums and blogs and the mixed reaction, but then on Wednesday decided that I would not be drawn into the maelstrom of rage that was forming from those that just felt that GW had swung to far. 

As my friends will admit that when the moaning starts about prices and changes in games. I am fairly certain to roll my eyes, sigh, take a deep breath and open the well versed monologue about it being your hobby and your time and your money. No one forces you to buy anything. In my head this sounds like Samuel L in Pulp Fiction, but I am sure in reality their eyes are rolling and inwardly saying not again :)

So sitting a scrying through the Warscrolls I knew why I was excited. It was not the rules, not even the background although that peeked my interest. It was the now sheer choice of models that was in front of me. 

No longer was GW dictating that I had to have a certain selection in my army and need around 2000 points to have a good size game.

Now thanks to the Warscrolls I have the freedom of the entire range.

Oh Boy what a range...... Where to Start?........ What to choose?

See you on the flip side when I have chosen

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