Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Last week saw Games Workshop announced the future of Warhammer.......


In the build up there had been the usual rumour mongering of what the changes will be, might be, could be, direct from source, 100% official or just plain made up marching through the internet like Archeon on his summer holidays.

I pretty much took all of these with a pinch of salt, smiled, laughed, cried and banged my head on the table at most of the comments and played the long game of waiting for the release from GW.

Finally last week GW unveiled Age of Sigmar. 

Personally worth the wait. 

The release consisted of the usual core box game, 3 paints, 1 spray can, 2 themed carry cases and a hardback novel detailing the background of the Age of Sigmar. They are all up for pre-order now and will be released on the 11th of July.

The nice surprise was the rules. Instead of this being a tome of the ages that cannot safely be used above a table brimming with wonderful paints and sculpts. It is free 4 page download. click here for the download
 Along with free downloads of all the current Warscrolls for your armies.

I have spent most of the week reading through the rules and having a few solo tabletop battles with my Ogres and Undead. The rules are quick, simple and easy to pick up.

I know that the internet warriors have split into their camps of its great and its bobbins, and i find myself in the camp of its great below are my reasons why:

It gives me total freedom of what to collect: In the days of army books and collecting whole armies there were armies that did nothing for me. However there were figures in the range that I wanted to get. 

More figures to paint and enjoy

Themed basing and Warscrolls

It opens up a narrative with my opponent. Gone are the days of how many points do you want to play. It will now be so my forces of the dead are gathering their might, how will the stunties defeat them.

Quick games or long slow games.

So I am now on countdown to the release so I can pick up my box set. 

As soon as I have the box I will do an unboxing and some close ups of the models 

See you on the flip side

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