Monday, 20 July 2015

Review: Gates of Ayzr


So this has been on my reading stand for the last couple of days. Released on the launch of the Age of Sigmar box set. This is the latest book from Black Library and their first in the new Warhammer setting.

This is not a large book or a hard read in any regard coming in at 125 pages this is either a day reading or a couple of nights. It is in a hardback format with good quality heavy grade paper, certainly will wear well and look good on the bookshelf.
I have not read any books written by Chris Waight but he has written a good number of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer novels. He has a nice fluid writing style that encourages the reader to turn the page to see what is happening next in the story, at no point did I feel like I wanted to rush to the end or skip through to the final battle.
With only 125 pages it does not give Chris a lot of time to build up the characters or the setting, and as many of the cast are new and is the realm that they are fighting in it would have been nice if he was given another couple of hundred pages.
I will not go into details of the story I will leave that for you to explore.
Where the book shines is that by the end you know the main cast from the new box set and some supporting ones and it is lead to the new world and realms.
At £10 for 125 pages it is a little pricey at that for £8.99 for a softback or £15.99 for hardback you get a full novel.
I do recommend it even with my reservation over the price as it is good intro into the new world.
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