Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Monday, 16 November 2015

Tale of Tau Gamers: Army List

Tale of Tau Gamers: Army List
It is a sad day today, The Tale of Tau Gamers was three but now it is Tau. With Andy deciding that he is going to focus on his Blood Angels and 30k it leaves me and Jay building our armies for the expansion of the Greater Good.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tale of Tau Gamers: Why I chose my Army- Gareth

Why I chose my Army- Gareth

Why I chose Tau Empire

I am a hobby butterfly I admit and I am sucker for a nice model. When the new Tau came out I was drawn to the new models and especially GW's new Stormtrooper  white colour scheme.

But it was when they showed the Ghostkeel was previewed that was it hook line and sinker

I mean what is not to like cool helmet....check.... big gun, check.....curved bulky armour.... check swanky drones .......check.

So sold on starting a second army and the Ghostkeel being the centrepiece model of my army I picked up the codex, Inflitration Cadre and of course the Ghost Keel.

So my force consists of:

1 Ethereal 
3 Stealth Suits
10 Pathfinders
1 Pirana
1 Ghostkeel

So the knowledgeable among you will see that I will for now be fielding an unbound force. I plan to add some Fire Warriors, Breachers so I have some core troops. But having never played Tau before I think I need to play some games to see how they play and what style I lean towards.

Next post for me will be showing some work in progress and deciding my new colour scheme. I think it will be white but not totally the GW scheme. 

Comments and feedback always welcome

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Tale of Tau Gamers: Why I chose my Army - Jay

Why I chose my Army- Jay
Why I chose the Tau Empire.
Since I was a boy I have had a huge love of the classic Gundam battle suites and the animated series. Over the years I have bought and built over 20 of the model kits going from their basic grade to their high grade which have detail as fine as moving fingers.  
When I saw the Tau back in 2001 and I thought hay this is a nice army but what they had made then wasn't enough to woo me to the army. But then I saw the Riptide and Broadside and that was it my love of battle suits was back and there and then I know what my games work (GW) army was going to be. I pop down to the head office with a Gareth and a few friends which was somewhere I hadn't been for many years. I walk in to the new forge world shop and there sat in one of the cabinets was a whole range of battle suits and I just had to have one so i picked up the Tau XV9 with Twin link Burst Cannons and this was a gorgeous model.
So I bought the codex, the army deal, Riptide and a Broadside. I then broke open the boxes and started building. However as I had been out of the GW hobby for a while I was behind the curve. So was a bit of a surprise when GW released a new codex and some stunning models for the Tau. The centrepiece model for me is the absolutely beautiful KV128 Stormsurge as it struck all the right chords with me and harked back to the Gundam days. I know Gareth disagrees with me but I will let him tell you, but with that model in mind  that was it I knew I had to get my army finished and ready for war.
For my army list I have gone with the Retaliation Cadre which consisted of:
  • 1 Commander
  • 1 Riptide
  • 1 Broadside
  • 3 Units of Crisis Battle Suites
As an extra I have chosen to take Commander Farsight as my character.
I am aiming for a 1500 point army.
More will follow as I add detail to my list. Currently I am working on what support systems and ranged weapons I am look to take.

So there is the first guest post from Jay. I guess I need to pull my finger out and decide on my list and written.
Be great to hear why you selected your armies and what inspired you. Feel free to comment below.
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Friday, 6 November 2015

Top Tips:- Nail Files

What lovely Cuticles you have

Files have long been a tool in the hobbyist tool box, whether to be sanding down the pesky mold line or picking out that troublesome piece of meat stuck in the tooth.

Some might have found like me that they left a rough edge that did not take the undercoat to well. So Looking for a better and smoother finish I wandered through the many hobby blogs. In table top modelling most stuck with the tried and tested files or knife edge. But when hitting the military modelling sites they mention sanding sticks and different grades to get that all elusive smooth finish. I found these on Amazon but at £9.99 I thought that there would a cheaper option. 

These reminded me of the files that the wife uses to do that lady thang and make nails sharp I mine pretty for the night out. Rummaging through the make up bag I found something similar and tested them out. Worked a treat and I have to say my nails looked pretty good as well.

Now I obviously wanted to keep the wife happy so causally asked where could I get them and next shopping trip I found myself down the mystery isle called Make UP!

I found these beauties for £1.00

4 different grades from course to fine buffing. 

They work really well and a fraction of the price from the internet.

So now got myself wondering what else does the Supermarket have that I can use for modelling?

Hope the tip was useful.

If you have any top tips add them below

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Monday, 2 November 2015

Tale of Tau Gamers

For the Greater Good

Last week saw the release of the Tau codex and the previous solo Tau player Jay has now been joined by 2 other players myself and Andy who have been enticed by the new range of models.

So chatting over Whats App we thought we would do a twist on the Tale of Four Gamers and we are going to do a Tale of Tau Gamers.

What can you expect?

Some initial thoughts on the codex and the possibilities inside.

Introduction for Jason and Andy ( you might want to skip that one :)

Army lists and why we chose them.

Work in Progress


Gaming Reports


So again no models to show.

I do promise that my next post will have some pictures of my Mechanicus army. No the commander is not named Lord Lucan.

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