Monday, 2 November 2015

Tale of Tau Gamers

For the Greater Good

Last week saw the release of the Tau codex and the previous solo Tau player Jay has now been joined by 2 other players myself and Andy who have been enticed by the new range of models.

So chatting over Whats App we thought we would do a twist on the Tale of Four Gamers and we are going to do a Tale of Tau Gamers.

What can you expect?

Some initial thoughts on the codex and the possibilities inside.

Introduction for Jason and Andy ( you might want to skip that one :)

Army lists and why we chose them.

Work in Progress


Gaming Reports


So again no models to show.

I do promise that my next post will have some pictures of my Mechanicus army. No the commander is not named Lord Lucan.

Catch you on the flipside

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