Saturday, 2 April 2016

Musings:- Word Bearers

Musings:- Word Bearers

Not much in the way of pictures today as I have visitors this weekend and have had to take down the light box.

So my Calth box is fully assembled and painting has started.

Had a bit of an issue with my red being pulled away from the plastic. I thought it might have been the ink so tried it out on another model and no issues. So tested out the medium that I used and found that to be the culprit. So I have had to strip the models and start over.

The first test unit is complete and ready for photographing, so expect to see some pictures next week.

Popped along to Warhammer World this week to have a look at the tables for a gaming weekend that we are planning. Picked up the new updated Legion book and Zardu Layak. Stunning model that is going to be the focal point for my army.

I am planning on a force based at Calth so this will allow me to venture into cultists as well. Maybe who knows there might be some Ultramarines.

Jay has been working hard on completing his Iron hands hopefully will have some pictures coming through soon.

Catch you on the flip side

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