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Unboxing: Hound's Tooth

Unboxing: Hound's Tooth

The Hound's Tooth is the latest large ship in the Wave VII release from Fantasy Flight Games. Inside the box is a prepainted YV-666 Light Freighter, it's upgrade cards and a new mission. 

Read on to find out more.

Arriving on Friday was my latest purchase for X-Wing Hound's Tooth flown by the Scum and Villainy Bounty Hunter Bossk. 

This is the second large ship released for the Scum & Villainy faction and a large box it is certainly apart from the Epic ships this is the largest box release from FFG. So what do you get in the box?

Pilot Cards

There are 4 pilot cards 5 with the addition of the Nashtah Pup Pilot card which is the linked with the Hound's Tooth 

3 are unique pilots:
Morald Eval
Latts Razzi

1 common pilot:
Trandoshan Slaver

12 Upgrade Cards:

Crack Shot
Lone Wolf
Stay on Target
Heavy Laser Cannon
K4 Security Droid
2x Ion Projector
Engine Upgrade
Maneuveriing Fins
Hound's Tooth

There are 6 new upgrade cards in this box release (some are also featured in the other S&V release) 

Glitterstim: This is a S&V card only and at the start of the combat phase you can discard and receive a stress token allowing you to change any eye results to a hit or evade both in your attacking and defending phase.

Maneuvering Fins: Only used on the YV-666 this card basically gives you some flexiabilty when moving allowing you to change a hard turn to a bank 

Ion Projector: Anytime an enemy ship overlaps yours you roll one attack die on a hit or critical that ship gains an ion token.

K4 Security Droid: After executing a green maneuver you may acquire a target lock.

Hound's Tooth: After being destroyed you can deploy a Z-95 called Nashtah Pup. 

Bossk: After you perform an attack and if you are not stressed then you must receive 1 stress token and then assign 1 focus token to your ship and acquire a target lock on the defender.

So a nice collection of upgrade cards, which I will try out in some upcoming games and let you know how they play out. I am especially looking forward to trying out Glitterstim and the K4 droid.

As usual the standard tokens are there for the ships and 2 dials one for Hound's Tooth and the other for the Z-95.

Now for some pictures of the ship itself

I's a big ship hanging of both ends of the base and to the sides so the double pegs are definately going to be in use. I am not sure how much i like the ship. For me it seems a little thin and flat so I might consider bulking it out with some external cargo pods. 

As you will have noticed there is only 1 ship pictured. I do think that it is a shame that there was not a Z-95 in the box as the price of  an RRP of £35 and that all the other large ships RRP is £24.99 I think that the extra £11 is not reflected in the model or the cards but could have been placed on putting the extra ship in the box.

I picked up mine from Chaos Cards who have it at the great price of £23.95 so a very nice saving.

My closing shot on the unboxing was that from the from front it reminded me of another famous cartoon character. 

Over the next couple of weeks I will get some games in with the Tooth and report back on how it has faired and some builds

Comments and questions always welcome.

See you on the flip side

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