Friday, 6 November 2015

Top Tips:- Nail Files

What lovely Cuticles you have

Files have long been a tool in the hobbyist tool box, whether to be sanding down the pesky mold line or picking out that troublesome piece of meat stuck in the tooth.

Some might have found like me that they left a rough edge that did not take the undercoat to well. So Looking for a better and smoother finish I wandered through the many hobby blogs. In table top modelling most stuck with the tried and tested files or knife edge. But when hitting the military modelling sites they mention sanding sticks and different grades to get that all elusive smooth finish. I found these on Amazon but at £9.99 I thought that there would a cheaper option. 

These reminded me of the files that the wife uses to do that lady thang and make nails sharp I mine pretty for the night out. Rummaging through the make up bag I found something similar and tested them out. Worked a treat and I have to say my nails looked pretty good as well.

Now I obviously wanted to keep the wife happy so causally asked where could I get them and next shopping trip I found myself down the mystery isle called Make UP!

I found these beauties for £1.00

4 different grades from course to fine buffing. 

They work really well and a fraction of the price from the internet.

So now got myself wondering what else does the Supermarket have that I can use for modelling?

Hope the tip was useful.

If you have any top tips add them below

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