Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Star Wars Armada

Star Wars Armada is the latest game in the Star Wars license from Fantasy Flight Games. So far we have seen them tackle dog fights in X-Wing, Tabletop skirmish and campaign games in Imperial Assault. Now it is time for the capital ships to take to space and add more destruction to the space lanes.

So what ya gonna get for your creds?

The first release due in a couple of weeks is the starter set which I will be doing an unboxing of as soon as it arrives. The starter set gives you the start of your Imperial and Rebel fleets along with rules and the cards to make your fleet unique.

Following on from the core set will be Wave 1 for the Admirals to increase the size of their fleets and try new tactics to beat their enemy.

This wave is expected to be in the UK in around 4-6 weeks after the Core set release. This will be just in time for the Spring events being run in your LGS around the country.

I am super excited about this release as in as much as I love X-Wing and the ships and the game play I have been feeling for a while that I seem to spend a lot longer looking at cards and combinations to try and counter the latest release. 

With the advent of a large scale ship game I am feeling that it will be less about the cards and more about the tactics of ship and fleet positioning.

See you on the flip side

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