Sunday, 13 March 2016



So its taken me some time to get around to some updates of my Iron Hands but do not worry is becourse i have been working so hard to get my army finished.
So in my last update I said I was working on my paint scheme and finding it hard to come up with a nice looking Black scheme.... well lets just say i gave up instead i went with a dry brush option of Brass Scorpion mix with Abadon Black. (One part Brass Two parts Black) and this gave me a very nice hint of Brass which i am very happy with.
My first unit to have this scheme applied to was my Medusan Immortals from Forge World.
A lovely unit for the Iron Hands they have the following within the pack:
The Medusan Immortals are a five man multi-part kit fitted out in MkIII Iron Armour that features many details such as cybernetic limbs, and includes optional Lascutter and Graviton gun.
I am a huge fan of the cybernetic parts and was verry happy to see that Games Work Shop still make the Iron Hands up grade pack.
Below are some current pictures of the results of my work however they are still to be finished as I have yet to complete the highlighting. As you can also see I have proceeded with the basing too and went with the cork base which was then shaped in to a stone slab and painted to suit using Mechanicus Standard Gray and an Ink of Nuln Oil and finally a dry brush of Administratum Gray though this is not very visible from the pictures below.
My WIP have move on very quickly due to the release of Calth and I went about building and painting as much as I could in a bit of a possessed frenzy to complete my army. As you can see from the pictures below.
I am still working on many of my units mostly the highlighting which has vastly become the bane of my life and I am yet to do any of the weathering on any of my units.
In my next post I will so you some pictures of the Land Riders I got in my much younger days which I have been converting due to the lack of twin linked Lascannons.
I will also be showing my Command unit and my Iron Hands Iron Farther in more detail.
Hope you enjoy the read all comments welcome.   


  1. Thanks its good to know someone likes my work

  2. Force is looking good

    certainly look forward to seeing the land raiders