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Musings: Sci-Fi or Historical?

Sci-Fi or Historical?

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So in my last update I was sorting through my X-Wing cards and tidying up and thinking about Star Wars, I mean what self confessed Star Wars geek doesn't and I was thinking back to an episode of Room 101 and the subject was brought up that one of the guest hated Sci-Fi and used Star Wars as and example. I think it was Phil Jupitas (apologies if I am wrong) and said no Stars Wars is a historical film and it was set ' A Long time ago.......' Frank Skinner upheld the objection and removed it from going into Room 101.

So if the evidence below is keeping Star Wars out of the Sci- Fi section of Room 101 where does it sit in wargaming?


Clearly George in his mind this has already past so it puts it into the Historical side as it happened in the past.

Or to quote the Emperor: You will find that it is you who are mistaken, about a great many things. 


Well where do we start?

Lasers big lasers

Space Ships big space ships small space ships lots of spaceships

Aliens lots of Aliens

So it would seem that both camps have it solid points to place it in both genres. So where do I place Star Wars wargaming?

It has been part of my life ever since I was a small child going to the cinema in Ramsgate on a Saturday  to watch triple billings of the original trilogy. Sitting in the dark staring at the big screen and reading the words that George Lucas penned a long time ago in a country far far away. From the starting role to the end credits I have been hooked ever since. It also started my love of reading as my father had an wide ranging book collection, and on the shelves were the words of Asimov, Heinlen, Arthur C Clarke all of these noted Sci-Fi writers. 
So I think it is clear that I put it in the Sci-Fi camp.

Where do you think it sits and what reasons place there for you?

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