Saturday, 10 September 2016

WIP: Word Bearers Tactical Squad and Terminators

WIP: Word Bearers Tactical Squad and Terminators

New Tactical Squad for my Word Bearers

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Today's update is my latest units for my Word Bearers, as I wanted to have my next Tactical Squad to be armed with chain swords and bolt pistols but yet still to have their bolter attached I have gone with 2 of the 5 man MkIV Despoiler squads from Forge World. Not the most cost effective way with the Calth Box set but wanted to have a different looking squad from my others built from that box.

I have modelled all the of them armed with their bolters slung behind and beneath the back pack, I have also used the Word Bearers helmets from Forge World for a bit of a change to the unit, I am not sure how well they will be seen whilst gaming, but it will give me something more to paint on the models, these will be transported into battle in a Rhino which is about half way through.

Next up are a 5 man squad of Tartaros Terminators all armed with combi bolters and chain fists, one has been upgraded with a plasma blaster and the sergeant is carrying a power maul for a bit more of an added strength bonus in combat. I have gone with the Tartaros armour variant as I have fond the not being able to run across the table with the Catapracti armour a bit limiting.

So 3 units on the table to paint this month, 1 Praetor, 10 man tactical squad and 5 terminators along with a Rhino. follow through the month as I chart the progress.

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