Monday, 14 November 2016

Review: Burning of Prospero Painting Guide

Review: Burning of Prospero Painting Guide

 Jay popped round to work today with my latest hobby supplies a few pots of paints including some of the metal paints from Forge World more on those later this week once I have had a chance to try them out.  But today will take you through Games Workshop's latest painting guide.

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So the painting guides are not a new thing from GW but in the latest guise they have been through some changes.

They started off in the large format coming in at about £20 and adding in a fair bit of background and then the format of breaking down the miniatures into set painting focuses. I did like this format but was always looking at the cost and not needing the extra background they were always picked up as and when.

Recently GW have changed to a smaller format coming in a £6 and removing the added background.

So now much more focused on the painting lessons and tips they have now become a much purchase when they come out.

Burning of Prospero is GW latest boxed game featuring the Space Wolves attack on the planet of Prospero and following the orders of the Emperor to bring the Thousand Sons back into line. If you have not read the Thousand Sons Horus Heresy book go do it. Great read. With the box game release came the painting guide.

The book is rigid softback and the pages have the same manuscript style of paper that FW use for their Heresy series books.

The start of the gives some nice background that is unique to the book and then it is straight into the painting guides.

Below are a couple of pictures

Not only are the warriors of the Thousand Sons and Space Wolves covered, but both characters and the Sisters of Silence and Custodian Guard.

Finally at the back half of the book is a guide on how to paint all of the chapters featured in the Horus Heresy.

As some Heresy offeciandos  have pointed out that they are not the FW colour schemes but I never expected them to be. They are painted using the GW range of paints so will be focused on showing the chapters in those colours. If you are wanting the exact paint schemes used by FW then their customer service are great at supplying you the list of paints used.

At the price I think this a great addition to any new or experienced painter as I truly believe that you can never stop learning.

For me a great buy at the £6 price point and I have certainly found a couple of great tips for me to use going forward with my painting.

So what you waiting for go pick it up.

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  1. Ill be honest after seeing the book before I dropped it off to his nibs, I am currently going to pick it up for myself. Tho it is the gw guide and not the FW paint schemes it a brilliant little helper for those out there just getting in to 30k. I recommend it.