Friday, 8 July 2016

Team Yankee: Soviet Cards

Team Yankee: Soviet Cards

Did not get a chance to do any painting this lunch time far to busy with work to get the paints out. So today I have posted the 2 cards for the units that I am painting.
Now unit cards are not a new thing in wargaming but this is the first time that Battlefront Miniatures have used them with their rules set. Having played Flames for a fair few years you get to know your army and your special rules. Even then I still forget to role my Tiger dice every now and then.
In my first few games the cards have been a great use. On the front you have all the unit stats and weapons charts and then on the rear you have all the special rules. So no constant rulebook referencing.

I am close to having my list written up so that may well be tomorrow post.

Catch you on the flip side

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