Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Death from Above

Death from Above

My SSU army was inspired by the comics and the huge shells plummeting down to earth from the huge bombers to be slowed by their chutes enabling the KV's to rain fire down on the enemy forces. So when I saw the new Smersh KV-47 Platoon that made the core of my new force an easy choice

My Death from Above list

Koshka 15 points
Grand'Ma 11 points
Nadya 9 points
Natasha 9 points

Carrier 11 points
Marlen 9 points
Striker 16 points
Natasia 9 points
Carrier 11 points

Total of 100 points

My entire force is focused on getting in close to the enemy forces as quickly as possible through the use rapid deployment and transports. Then pouring on lots of focused fire and close assaults. With it being such a small elite force they need to be wary of the enemy bringing  to much fire-power to bear.

To keep the heavy walkers and tanks of the enemy hunkered down and not have free reign on the table I have taken a Striker attack helicopter, with strong Anti-Tank fire-power it can also cause infantry some issues if they get to close.

To back up Koshka with keeping the army alive I have taken Marlen who not only can keep the walkers in the battle, but also deal with any fortifications on obstacles that the enemy might deploy.

Catch up with the next blog as I decide on if they will be painted up for winter battles or prepare for deployment to Operation Babylon.

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  1. Looking like its going to be a formidable list. You seem to have a thing for the VK walkers too