Saturday, 17 May 2014

Winter Pea Dot-Camo Part 2

Winter Pea Dot-Camo Part 2

So for those that have read my first post on looking to finding a Winter Pea Dot Camo for my Axis Dust Tactics models. This is the follow up part where I start to explore the background behind the camo and how and why it was used.

So what is Pea Dot Camo?

Here is an example of a find strapping re-enactor wearing a Pea Dot smock. As you can see there is a 4 tone disruptive pattern to the smock and then alternate dots featuring on the background colours. This was mainly to break up the nature shapes that the human eye expects to see and make it harder to spot enemy troops trying to take advantage of cover.

So with the base format of the Pea Dot in my mind I am going to look to replicate this is a winter style scheme.

Follow in the next post where I aim to show my first efforts into the new camo scheme.

Comments as ever are always welcome.

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