Sunday, 11 May 2014

Winter Peadot Camo- Part 1

Winter Peadot Camo

Before I dive into painting schemes etc. I thought I would ramble on a bit on how and why I choose this scheme.

I have for a while now been thinking about what colour scheme that I was going to use for the my Dust Tactics troops. Very early on I was drawn by the Axis troops, cool gas masks, lasers and nice winter style uniforms. Through the early stages of planning i was drawn into Hydra- HAIL HYDRA- uniforms, but through hunting the web found plenty of examples of this already being used. 

Then one night hunting around on the Dust Studios website I came across this 1/35 German Raketentruppen figures.

Having found two things after finding this page that one my wallet was going to be lighter after buying a couple of boxes of these I secondly have found my army paint scheme.

Follow part 2 as I start to research Pea Dot painting.

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