Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Cerberus Unboxing


Yawn yet another unboxing web blog I hear.

I did initially think that there was far to many of these around and I am a reader of a good many. However I do feel that there is room for more.

So I will be adding myself to this list. It will not be a weekly or regular blog section. More however on items that I have purchased and think that you will find interesting to see.

Unlike other sites I am going to score my unboxing's so that you can get an idea of the product. You may not agree with the unboxing. That is cool just leave a comment to say why, just keep it civil :)

So I will be scoring on the following areas out of 5.


Style of box and does it keep the contents protected. If on first opening I do find a broken component or piece, then I will go through the customer service channel of that company. As I do understand that picking errors can occur.

First Impressions:

So was it a wow factor like when Nan puts the Sunday roast on the table or does it make you feel all limp like at a speeding awareness course.

Entry Point / Getting Started

Is there a book that has READ ME FIRST over the cover so you know which one to ignore first. Or do you have to taken an evening course to break in.

Contents / Value for Money

So you have poured your hard earn wages into your latest purchase. Did you get Bang for your Buck? or are you left feeling like you should ordered another cheese burger for lunch.

So this will give a total of 20 points for each unboxing. I will also try and provide as many pictures and links that I can so you can get a good feel for the product.

This will be a work in progress so any feedback please feel free to leave a comment.

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