Saturday, 20 December 2014

Model holder

Model Holder

I am not sure if any of you suffer the same problem that I have when painting over a long period of time, that your hand starts to cramp up and starts to effect the grip on the model. This was something that did not effect me as young gamer so I can only assume that father time is yet again catching up on me.

So the Mrs's needed to go shopping for some Christmas Cake decorations, so down to the local craft store. I had a peruse of things on offer and came across these.

Polystrene Bells which found fitted perfectly in the hand. Now the sharp minded of you out there will notice the problem straight away. For those who have 1 to many Christmas tipples it is the top of the bell which will cause them to fall over.

So out with the saw 

So after a few cuts I was left with 4 table looking model holders. A bit of double sided sticky tape and hay presto.

Well that's it for today.

Catch you on the flip side

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