Tuesday, 2 December 2014

X- Wing Range Rulers

X- Wing Range Rulers

So tonight I got my head down to finally getting these painted up for a tournament that I have this weekend. Not the most inspiring of things to get painted but it needed to be done. 

When they arrived, I carefully measured them up against against the card ones supplied with the game, and they are a perfect match. They come initially with a protective cover on the front and back, so no unsightly scratch marks. 

The painting itself was dead easy, I just grabbed a bottle of Vallejo White and then used the protective cover as the guideline. It took a couple of coats to get a nice even finish. Then it was just the matter of letting it dry then peeling off the protective layers. 

These range rulers artwork was created by Rodent Mastermind and are sold by cogotwo. They have a great range of gaming pieces not only for X-Wing but also Star Trek Attack Wing. Check out their site by clicking on their name above

Next purchase will be the Red Imperial Range Rulers and the Premium Token Set.

Stay Frosty and catch you on the Dark Side

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