Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Musings: 30K Mechanicum List

Musings: 30K Mechanicum List

So bit of hectic week and this has not given me much time for any hobby, so in my break times at work I have finally put some structure to my army list.

Nothing is truly set in stone or should I say iron until I have played few games with them so I have kept the list basic to start with and then will look to add the more specialised weapons.

Check out the list after the break


Archmagos Prime
Cyber Familiar
Cortex Controller
Jet Pack
Servo Arm
Rad/Irad Cleanser

Magos Dominus
Cyber Familiar
Machinator array
Graviton gun


3 Domitar Class BattleAutomata
Frag Grenades
Flak Missiles

6 Myrmidon Secutors
Maxima Bolters


3 Thallax Cohort

3 Thallax Cohort

4 Scyllaz Guardian

Fast Attack

9 Ursarax
Lighting Claws

9 Ursarax
Power Fists

6 Vorax Class Battle Automata
Frag Grenades
Enhanced Targetting Array

So you may have noticed the most glaring fact that I have included no points costs in my list. In all honesty I just could not be bothered to work them out as points match gaming is something that I am moving away from.

I have always been drawn to the back ground and the heroic stories fought and I would rather write up a thread of a story that grows as the games flow.

In the list I have gone very heavy in the fast attack section, mainly I just love the models and thinking of some cool gaming scenarios for them. (more of that to follow)

So what you do think about the list are there any fellow mech players that can spot any glaring holes?

Catch you on the flip side

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