Sunday, 22 January 2017

WIP: Archmagos Prime in Abeyant

WIP: Archmagos Prime in Abeyant

Got some more Hobby time in the man cave last night

So started work on my Abeyant.

This is Forge Worlds version

Check after the break my options for my Abeyant

Option 1

Using the main frame from the Celestial Hurricanum to hold the orreay which would be converted to be more of mech symbol.

My real issues with this option is that it is very tall almost as tall as a knight and it is overly fantasy. I might well look at not using the Dustcrawlers leg and using tracks to lower the height.

Option 2

Mounted directly onto the dust crawlers legs the orreay will become the housing for the archmagos prime. I am thinking of having him suspended in fluid for a better connection to the machine spirit.

Need to work out how to connect weapons to the orreay.

Which option do you prefer?

Catch you on the flip side

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