Saturday, 26 March 2016

WIP: The Cult, Part 1 The Assembly

WIP: The Cult, Part 1 The Assembly

So my next project is the recently release Games Workshop Deathwatch Overkill. Having been a long term player of GW games the Hybrid Cult was the first Alien race that I ever played with outside of Marines and Guard. So with this recent release I went all weak at the knees and buckled and bought a copy.

More pics of the assembly after the break

Above is the group shot. Big guys at the top and the little guys at the bottom. Keen eyes will notice the old GW monster carry case. I have had this about 20 + years now, cool marker in my hobby htat would never part with.

As you can also see I have been playing around with my light box. Still not happy with the results may well have to look into a new camera.

More pics below

Some close up of the Cult.

Been thinking about the colour scheme for a week or so now and I want a fast dirty style paint job, and as GW has put them down in a mine, I am going to look at mining overalls as a them for my paint scheme.

Will post more pictures of the progress and thoughts and ideas for gaming. I have some pictures for an unboxing but struggling with words and theme.

More to follow

Catch you on the flip side

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