Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tale of Tau Gamers: Why I chose my Army- Gareth

Why I chose my Army- Gareth

Why I chose Tau Empire

I am a hobby butterfly I admit and I am sucker for a nice model. When the new Tau came out I was drawn to the new models and especially GW's new Stormtrooper  white colour scheme.

But it was when they showed the Ghostkeel was previewed that was it hook line and sinker

I mean what is not to like cool helmet....check.... big gun, check.....curved bulky armour.... check swanky drones .......check.

So sold on starting a second army and the Ghostkeel being the centrepiece model of my army I picked up the codex, Inflitration Cadre and of course the Ghost Keel.

So my force consists of:

1 Ethereal 
3 Stealth Suits
10 Pathfinders
1 Pirana
1 Ghostkeel

So the knowledgeable among you will see that I will for now be fielding an unbound force. I plan to add some Fire Warriors, Breachers so I have some core troops. But having never played Tau before I think I need to play some games to see how they play and what style I lean towards.

Next post for me will be showing some work in progress and deciding my new colour scheme. I think it will be white but not totally the GW scheme. 

Comments and feedback always welcome

Catch you on the flip side

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