Monday, 16 November 2015

Tale of Tau Gamers: Army List

Tale of Tau Gamers: Army List
It is a sad day today, The Tale of Tau Gamers was three but now it is Tau. With Andy deciding that he is going to focus on his Blood Angels and 30k it leaves me and Jay building our armies for the expansion of the Greater Good.

This weekend I sat down with the codex and the Inflitration Cadre and have come up with the following list:
Ethereal with Honour Blade, Recon Armour
3 XV25 Stealth Suits, one upgraded with  Fusion Blaster, a Shas'ui, Homing Beacon, 2 Shield drones and all upgraded with bonding knifes
1 Ghost Keel with Twin Blast Cannon
10 Pathfinders, 1 MB3 Recon Drone, a Shas'ui, 1 Rail Rifle, 2 Ion Rifles and all upgraded with bonding knifes
1 Piranha, Fusion Blaster and a Disruption Pod
Total Points 585
If I decide to put the Ethereal on a Hover Drone then will be 590 points.
I have gone deliberately light on wargear until I have played with them a couple of times.
But I have plenty of scope to add in a lot more troops to get up to 1500 or 1850 points.
Next up for me will be first shots of the assembled army and the start of the test paint scheme.
If you have any suggestions on what I should look to add into my army next drop a message below.
Catch you on the flip side


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