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Musings: 2016 Hobby Resolutions

2016 Hobby Resolutions

Having spent more time being active in the hobby this year and reading and taking tips from other Bloggers out there. It seems custom to put up regarding forth coming hobby projects for 2016.

See mine after the break

Before I dive into the resolutions for 2016 I am going to a very quick recap for 2015.

Posts: 39
Models bought: 133
Models Assembled: 163
Models Painted: 21

Most Popular post: Unboxing: Betrayal at Calth with 63 views

Total number of Visitors: 4270

To be honest was kinda shocked that I had that many people looking and viewing my blog as I know that there are some much better written and with much better pictures. But I thank all of you that read and came back.

So what resolutions do I have for 2016?

I am going to break it down into 3 sections as quite rightly De La Soul decreed this as the magic number so who am I to argue.

For those who never heard or want to be taken back in time click here

1. Gaming

I have really not played enough games this year. I have a regular Thursday night gaming with my mates however it is a shotgun affair with a huge range of games being played and very little focus on any of them. Don't get me wrong I love the gaming nights and a good stress relief for the week and there are some games I have really enjoyed and some that could stay on the shelves.

But I need to get back into the swing of 40k and 30K 


Play a minimum of 2 games of 40k or 30k a month. This should be more than achievable.

Enter 1 Tournament or campaign weekend. I will look towards the back end of the year.
If you have any suggestions on an event to attend add it to the comments.

2 Hobby

Currently I have 3 armies on the go and working my way through the Imperial Assault Box Set

A. Complete a 1850 point Cult Mechanicus Army: I may well look to add a Knight to this list as they are great models and a nice end of Army painting project. I am going to put April as my deadline for this army as they are well on the way/

B. Tale of Tau Gamers: Like many projects this started with a whirlwind of activity, but I have found myself sidetracked with 30K. However I am determined to finish the Cadre box and Ghostkeel. I am going to put March as my deadline for this so that I can get stuck in an work guilt free for the rest of the year.

C. Imperial Fists: 30K has grabbed me by the horns and got me back into the 40k fold in a big way. I plan to bring this army to 3000 points by the end of the year. This is going to be the long term project that will see the majority of my hobby activity through the year. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to proudly show off my completed army.

Imperial Assault. Simply put finish the core box by the end of July.

So I am not going to promise that there will not be any more projects added on or something that is released that will add to my pile. But I am going to stick to my guns this year and get the above projects finished.

3. Blog

This is really my first full year of Blogging. I am slowly getting used to finding the time to write and take photos through out the build and painting process.
So this neatly leads me to my first step

A. Photo Taking: Must improve my quality of pictures. January will see me look to set up a dedicated photo taking area in my man cave. Then the process of learning to take better shots.

B. More posts. Well if I am doing more hobby then surely more posts will follow.

C. Food Blog. Another passion of mine and one that I share with the wife is food, the cooking and the eating of. So I am going to start up with a food blog in the early New Year.

So if you have any comments or have your own blog that you would like to share then comment below.

That just leaves me to say:

Thanks for visiting and have a Great New Year and see you on the flip side

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