Sunday, 20 December 2015

30K: Chapter Decision

30K: Chapter Decision


So been thinking about this for the last couple of weeks and I have chosen Imperial Fists. This is a Chapter I never thought I would consider due to the expanse of yellow and a longer painting schedule to get them table ready. But never one to shy away from a challenger.

My reasons for Imperial Fists are:

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Reasons :

1. Forge World

Damn them and their stunning ranger of Heresy models. The models below are one of the major reasons

Stunning models and very little yellow :)

2. Lexicanum

On hunting the web for background on the Imperial Fists I found this great web site

This site has lots of in depth background on all things 40k and 30k, so not just good me and the Fists but all players. Well worth a look and read.

The background of the Fists being siege specialists really appeals to me and I can see future terrain projects lending to this project as well. 

I am also planning on picking up

As this has some good solid background on the Fists in the Heresy wars and some nice colour plates that will give me inspiration.


There is no getting away from this one, Yellow is colour that I have avoided in the past, so not a strong colour in my palette so I am going to knuckle under and break the trend.

So they are my current reasons so far I am sure that more might float to the surface as I start to plan the project.

My next post following in this series will detail how I am going to plan to use the Calth box to build the core of my army and what steps I will take next.

How did you go about choosing your army?

Catch you on the flipside

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