Saturday, 2 January 2016

Top Tips: Swarfega Classic

Top Tips: Swarfega Classic

One of this years hobby projects is my Imperial Fists, this army will have a lot of resin Infantry and vehicles from Forge World and having a long time in the past suffered from the dreaded release agent. I popped down to my local Auto Repair shop and picked up a large tub of Swarfega.

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 Swarfega classic is basically a big pot of primeval slime that magically removes grease and oil from a mechanics hands.

I am not a fan of the whole submerse in warm water and soak in a spray solution, I much prefer to get in there hands on with a toothbrush loaded with Swarfega and scrub away on the piece until the agent is removed.

How much is loaded?

Then just scrub the model until it feels like resin and not oily.

After a couple of scrubs and rinsing the model is ready for gluing.

The sharp eyed ones may have noticed that I am cleaning up the front Glacis Plate from a Sicaran Venator.

This will be a WIP and Gallery shot later on in the year.

What do you use to clean your Forge World resins?

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  1. I will certainly give this a try as the wife is never to happy about me hogging the sink bowl for long periods