Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tale of Tau Gamers: WIP Colour Scheme

Tale of Tau Gamers: WIP Colour Scheme


I spent some time today working on a test scheme for the Tau Pathfinders. I was trying to get a block camo scheme effect on the model. Overall I am quite happy with the green, however I need to do some more work with the brown as it is still showing far to dark.

I am unsure of the guns, thinking a dark grey with some green accents.

Sept markings will be in red on the armour to contrast against the green.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions that you have.

Catch you on the flip side


  1. I agree the browns are coming across far to dark.

    I would go with a.lighter brown one of the ones with a greyer tone such as dryad bark.Will add to the whole pastel scheme.

    Look forward to seeing the next one

  2. Thanks for the feedback

    I am going to try the lighter brown tonight. The comment on the pastel colours makes a lot of sense. Will post another shot either tonight or tomorrow