Sunday, 30 August 2015

WIP: Assembling the Fleet

Assembling the Fleet

Following on from the un-boxing post, I had some spare time this weekend to assemble the fleet. I started with the Covenant as for the pure reason they are purple and purple is cool right?

The ships are really nice clean casts and the instructions are very clear. Little in the way of mold lines to clean up. 

Each ship comes on its own base and in the game it is called an element. Elements are brought together to form Battle Groups. More on this in future posts. 

Above is the Covenant Suppported ORS Heavy Cruiser. This is currently the largest ship in the covenant fleet. I have chosen the supported element and the base has multiple holes for additional ships, the support ship is a SDV Heavy Corvette.

These are the Supported and standard CCS Battlecruiser elements.

The final ships are the SDV Heavy Corvettes shown in both line and oblique formation.

I am planning on going with a Candy Apple theme with these ships and this will be my first attempt with my airbrush. The paints are ordered so just the postal waiting game to be played. More posts on that in further posts.

Up next is the UNSC

The largest ship in the UNSC fleet is the Epoch Carrier as you can see it extends over both the front and the rear of the base and due to the length is supported on to flight poles. 

Just a quick mention on the flight poles, there are 3 sizes small, medium, large. This will allow you to vary the height of the models above the table allowing you to and more customization to the fleet.

I have again gone with the supported element with the Paris Frigate.

Next up is the Marathon Heavy Cruisers featuring both the supported and standard elements.

And finally the Paris Frigates in Arrowhead and Trident formations.

Rather than airbrushing this fleet I am going to use wetbrushing, inking and drybrushing so that I can get working on these whilst I am waiting for the paints for the Covenant to show up.

In both fleets I have shown Supported and Unsupported ships and different formation types. Currently I have no idea on how this will effect the game play, but will put a tactics post in the near future.

Any questions or comments again feel free to post below.

See you on the flip side

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